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NGN 3500
HTML Magic
Ardith Ibanez, Natalie Zee
The most visual, step-by-step "cookbook" of HTML secrets and creative work-arounds. This highly successful format steps readers through the clear directions and variations for each HTML effect. The CD contains all the HTML code discussed in the book, plus complete Web pages, graphics and animations, and BBEdit Lite, the premier HTML text editor.
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NGN 2300
HTML Stylesheet Sourcebook
AIan S. Graham
As Web technology evolves, Webmasters and developers are increasingly called on to provide greater sophistication and flexibility in their HTML design. Stylesheets are designed to help them meet these demands. This practical resource gives HTML users the tools to create, modify, and customize their HTML stylesheets.
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NGN 5300
Advanced HTML Companion
Keith Schengili-Roberts, Kim Silk-Copeland
This book provides new, advanced tools and ideas for Internet designers and publishers. Previous experience or knowledge of HTML is assumed as it quickly delves into the intricacies of planning a Web site and using advanced HTML tags. It provides creative new material which can be added to the reader's own designs using HTML tags with the two leading browsers, Netscape Navigator and Microsoft's Internet Explorer.
Items Available on Demo: 1


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