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Our Fees
Fee TypeFeePaid ByMaximumCondition
Deposit money to VCASH at Bank Branches/online transfer(Personal, Merchants, Agent, Super agents accounts)Free---
Receive money / Cashout at agentFree-
Withdraw from account (Agent/Super agent accounts)Free---
Withdraw to Bank account (Personal/Merchant account)2.5% plus N 25Account Owner

Deposit money to VCASH account through an agent 2.5% plus N 25Account OwnerN 1,500-
Withdraw2.5% plus N 25Account OwnerN 1,500-
Withdraw at agent shop2.5% plus N 25---
Account maintenance fee (Personal account)N 99 / MonthAccount OwnerN 99Active accounts only
Account maintenance fee (Merchant account)N 299 / MonthMerchantN 299Active accounts only
Airtime topup access fee: Personal/Merchant account)N 99 / MonthPersonal/MerchantN 99Activated accounts
Airtime topup access fee: Agent/Superagent)N 199 / MonthAgent/SuperAgentN 199Activated accounts

Reload Card Fee
Card DenominationEnd user buys from Master agents forSuper agent obtains from VTN forMaster agent buys from Super agent forMaster agent sold to end users forCommission / Card denominationSuper Agent Commission Master Agent Commission VTN Commission Value loaded
N 500N 550N 510N 522.50N 550N 5025%55%20%N 500
N 1,000N 1,100N 1,020N 1,045N 1,100N 10025%55%20%N 1,000
N 2,000N 2,200N 2,040N 2,090N 2,200N 20025%55%20%N 2,000
N 5,000N 5,300N 5,060N 5,135N 5,300N 30025%55%20%N 5,000
N 10,000N 10,350N 10,070N 10,157.50N 10,350N 35025%55%20%N 10,000
N 20,000N 20,400N 20,080N 20,180N 20,400N 40025%55%20%N 20,000
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